Full Professorship (W 3) for Plant Microbiome Management

Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie (ATB), Potsdam

The Department of Biochemistry and Biology in the Faculty of Science at the University of Potsdam, together with the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), invites applications for a joint professorship under the Jülich Model to be filled soonest possible

Full Professorship (W 3) for Plant Microbiome Management

combined with the lead of the Department Microbiome Management at the ATB.

The successful candidate will be an internationally proven researcher in the field of microbial ecology of crops, with leadership experience of large teams, an extensive international network, and teaching experience. The successful candidate will represent the discipline in research and teaching, and will also lead the Department Microbiome Management at the ATB. This team will perform basic research on the knowledge-based management of microbiomes in bioeconomic production systems. A cross-system microbiome approach is intended to expand our understanding of microbial communities, their reactions to management measures, and impacts on the course and efficiency of processes. The successful candidate will have teaching responsibilities of two hours per week during the semester.

The joint professorship as permananent position is being filled under the Jülich Model, with a teaching obligation at the University of Potsdam. The function of the head of department at the ATB is limited to five years with the possibility of reappointment.

The following qualifications for professors must be documented in accordance with Section 41 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG): a completed university degree, pedagogical suitability, and a particular aptitude for scientific and scholarly work, as typically documented by a dissertation project; comprehensive competences in science management and additional scholarly achievements as evidenced by a Habilitation (post-doctoral dissertation), a junior professorship or work as a research associate at an institution of higher education or an extramural research institution, or scholarly activity in the private sector, or in a similar social field, whether in Germany or abroad. The appointment procedure will be conducted in accordance with Section 40 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act.

The University strives for a balanced gender ratio at all levels. Severely disabled applicants will be given preferential consideration in the event of equal qualification. We expressly invite applications from people with migration backgrounds.

The University of Potsdam supports newly appointed professors with its Dual Career Service and coaching support www.uni-potsdam.de/berufungen.html.

Please submit your application and relevant documentation (presentation of your research interests, CV, copies of academic certificates and credentials, list of publications, list of courses, teaching evaluations, list of third-party funded projects) within six weeks after the publication of this job notice via email (in a single PDF file) to ausschreibungen(at)uni-potsdam.de.